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You will need to have wallets from the coins you will mine for free on the sites listed on this page

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After creating your account, you will get the wallet addresses for each coin accessing the “Dashboard > User Dashboard” link, then clicking on the “Deposit” button. Copy the wallet address (the code below each QR code) of each coin you need to inform the mining site, on the time of your registration.

* On this page, I listed the sites I use to mine cryptocoins on a daily basis. I started to mining on all these sites without investing my money. I recommend you avoid depositing any amount on these sites before you are sure to understand all the rules and risks of losing you money. I do not take any responsibility for any losses you may incur when investing your money on these sites. Investments in cryptocoins mining involve risks of total loss of money invested. Be aware of this risk before investing in the sites listed on this page.

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